Air of novelty in the PanBiscos household. It is really the case to say: one company a thousand ideas!

After the new logo graphic design, officially presented at the last TuttoFood in Milan, here is the commercial dedicated to two new PanBiscò-branded products: the Bruschetta di Altamura® and Crostini Tozzapane®.

The video spot shows, in a humorous and ironic way, how the sound of crunch wakes up from slumber and boredom two young boys in front of the PC. And this is what food does: it entertains, it excites by sharing a moment together, it brings back good spirits through the joy of getting together. And then there is that sense of belonging and of returning to the origins, when bread united families and was proudly brought to the table.

Inevitable is the homage to the territory, to that Altamura Murgia that has always given beauty and typicality transcending regional and national borders, and imposing itself more and more as a destination of choice in the wine and food sector and in the increasingly popular experiential tourism.

Bruschetta di Altamura® and Crostini Tozzapane® can be enjoyed at any time of the day because of their extreme versatility: from aperitifs with friends to accompany creams and cold cuts, for example, to dinners at home with loved ones, to snacks at the office or to worthily open any convivial moment.

Convenient, practical and quick they appeal to everyone, from those who are concerned about physical well-being and follow proper nutrition, to the moms and dads who choose Bruschetta di Altamura® and Crostini Tozzapane® as healthy snacks for their children.

Just a few simple ingredients (bread made only with remilled semolina from the Altamura area, local extra virgin olive oil, salt and Apulian oregano) for a full burst of flavor.

We know that food captivates not only by its smell, appearance, or unique taste but also through sound: all crispy products are like music to the senses. The beneficial effects of crunchiness, as explained by research conducted by the U.S. Ball State University, also extend to stressed people who want to eat crunchy products at such times, with an increase in serotonin production that has a calming and relaxing effect on the psyche.

And there is also another fascinating fact that explains why we have a predilection for crunchy foods: any product that can be crunched, in fact, requires more time to chew, which allows for increased awareness and pleasure in food consumption, preventing episodes of overeating as well as poor digestion.

PanBiscò proves, once again, that it is a company on the move and constantly evolving that constantly has a few tasty innovations in the pipeline to keep up with the times and new consumer habits. Without neglecting to choose, for each product, only the best local ingredients that win consumers’ palates thanks to the simplicity that rhymes with reliability and goodness.

So #StayCrunch, enjoy your viewing and enjoy PanBiscos!